Keyboard Shortcuts

git cola has many useful keyboard shortcuts.

Learn about them by either pressing the ? key, choosing Help -> Keyboard shortcuts from the main menu, or by consulting the git cola keyboard shortcuts reference.

Drag and Drop git am

Dragging and dropping patches onto the git cola interface applies patches using git am.

You can drag either a set of patches or a directory containing patches. All files are sorted alphanumerically before being applied. This means that patches named 0001-foo.patch are applied before 0002-bar.patch.

When a directory is dropped git cola walks the directory tree in search of patches. git cola sorts the list of patches after they have all been found. This allows you to control the order in which patchs are applied by placing patchsets into alphanumerically-sorted directories.

Custom GUI Layouts

git cola remembers modifications to the layout and arrangement of tools within the git cola interface. Changes are saved and restored at application shutdown/startup.

git cola can be configured to not save custom layouts– simply uncheck the Save Window Settings option in the git cola preferences.