git-cola v1.3.6


  • Added support for Kompare in git difftool
  • Added a separate configuration namespace for git difftool
  • Added the diff.tool configuration variable to define the default diff tool

Usability, bells and whistles

  • The stash dialog allows passing the –keep-index option to git stash
  • Amending a published commit warns at commit time
  • Simplified the file-across-revisions comparison dialog
  • origin is selected by default in fetch/push/pull
  • Removed the search field from the log widget
  • The log window moved into a drawer widget at the bottom of the UI
  • Log window display can be configured with cola.showoutput = {never, always, errors}. errors is the default.
  • NOTEcola.showoutput was removed with the GUI rewrite in 1.4.0.


  • Improved nose unittest usage


  • Added a Windows/msysGit installer
  • Included private versions of simplejson and jsonpickle for ease of installation and development