git-cola v1.3.8

Usability, bells and whistles

  • Fresh and tasty SVG logos
  • Added Branch Review mode for reviewing topic branches
  • Added diff modes for diffing between tags, branches, or arbitrary git diff expressions
  • The push dialog selects the current branch by default. This is in preparation for git 1.7.0 where unconfigured git push will refuse to push when run without specifying the remote name and branch. See the git release notes for more information
  • Support open and clone commands on Windows
  • Allow saving cola UI layouts
  • Re-enabled double-click-to-stage for unmerged entries. Disabling it for unmerged items was inconsistent, though safer.
  • Show diffs when navigating the status tree with the keyboard


  • Worked around pyuic4 bugs in the build script
  • Added Mac OSX application bundles to the download page