git-cola v1.4.1.2

Usability, bells and whistles

  • It is now possible to checkout from the index as well as from HEAD. This corresponds to the Removed Unstaged Changes action in the Repository Status tool.
  • The remote dialogs (fetch, push, pull) are now slightly larger by default.
  • Bookmarks can be selected when git cola is run outside of a git repository.
  • Added more user documentation. We now include many links to external git resources.
  • Added git dag to the available tools. git dag is a node-based DAG history browser. It doesn’t do much yet, but it’s been merged so that we can start building and improving upon it.


  • Fixed a missing import when showing right-click actions for unmerged files in the Repository Status tool.
  • git update-index --refresh is no longer run every time git cola version is run.
  • Don’t try to watch non-existent directories when using inotify.
  • Use git rev-parse --symbolic-full-name plumbing to find the name of the current branch.


  • The Makefile will now conditionally include a config.mak file located at the root of the project. This allows for user customizations such as changes to the prefix variable to be stored in a file so that custom settings do not need to be specified every time on the command-line.
  • The build scripts no longer require a .git directory to generate the module. The release tarballs now include a version file at the root of the project which is used in lieu of having the git repository available. This allows for make clean && make to function outside of a git repository.
  • Added maintainer’s make dist target to the Makefile.
  • The built-in simplejson and jsonpickle libraries can be excluded from make install by specifying the standalone=true make variable. For example, make standalone=true install. This corresponds to the --standalone option to