git-cola v1.4.2

Usability, bells and whistles

  • Added support for the configurable guitool.<tool>.* actions as described in git-config(1).

    This makes it possible to add new actions to git cola by simply editing ~/.gitconfig. This implements the same guitool support as git gui.

  • Introduced a stat cache to speed up git config and repository status checks.

  • Added Alt-key shortcuts to the main git cola interface.

  • The Actions dock widget switches between a horizontal and vertical layout when resized.

  • We now use git diff --submodule for submodules (used when git >= 1.6.6).

  • The context menu for modified submodules includes an option to launch git cola.

  • Prefer $VISUAL over $EDITOR when both are defined. These are used to set a default editor in lieu of core.editor configuration.

  • Force the editor to be gvim when we see vim. This prevents us from launching an editor in the (typically unattached) parent terminal and creating zombie editors that cannot be easily killed.

  • Selections are remembered and restored across updates. This makes the partial-staging workflow easier since the diff view will show the updated diff after staging.

  • Show the path to the current repository in a tooltip over the commit message editor.

  • Log internal git commands when GIT_COLA_TRACE is defined.


  • Improved backwards compatibility for Python 2.4.

  • Review mode can now review the current branch; it no longer requires you to checkout the branch into which the reviewed branch will be merged.

  • Guard against color.ui = always configuration when using git log by passing --no-color.

  • yes and no are now supported as valid booleans by the git config parser.

  • Better defaults are used for fetch, push, and pull..


  • Removed colon (:) from the applilcation name on Windows

  • Fixed bugs with the Windows installer

  • Added a more standard i18n infrastructure. The install tree now has the common share/locale/$lang/LC_MESSAGES/ layout in use by several projects.

  • Started trying to accommodate Mac OSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard) in the darwin/ build scripts but our tester is yet to report success building a .app bundle.

  • Replaced use of perl in Sphinx/documentation Makefile with more-portable sed constructs. Thanks to Stefan Naewe for discovering the portability issues and providing msysgit-friendly patches.