git-cola v1.4.3.1

Usability, bells and whistles

  • The cola classic tool can be now configured to be dockable.

  • The cola classic tool now uses visual sigils to indicate a file’s status. The idea and icons were provided by Uri Okrent.

  • Include the ‘Rescan’ button in the ‘Actions’ widget regardless of whether inotify is installed.


  • Fix installation of translations per Fedora This incorporates Fedora’s fix for the translations path which originally appeared in cola-1.4.3-translations.patch.
  • Mac OS X git-cola developers can now generate application bundles using ‘make app-bundle’.


  • Fixed a stacktrace when trying to use “Get Commit Message Template” with an unconfigured “commit.template” git config variable.

    This bug originated in Redhat’s bugzilla #675721 via a Fedora user.

  • Properly raise the main window on Mac OS X.

  • Properly handle staging a huge numbers of files at once.

  • Speed up ‘git config’ usage by fixing cola’s caching proxy.

  • Guard against damaged ~/.cola files.