git-cola v1.4.3

Usability, bells and whistles

  • git dag now has a separate display area for displaying commit metadata. This area will soon grow additional functionality such as cherry-picking, branching, etc.


  • Fixed tests from a previous refactoring.

  • Guard against ‘diff.external’ configuration by always calling ‘git diff’ with the ‘–no-ext-diff’ option.

  • Respect ‘gui.diffcontext’ so that cola’s diff display shows the correct number of context lines.

  • Raise the GUI so that it is in the foreground on OS X.


  • We now allow distutils to rewrite cola’s shebang line. This allows us to run on systems where “which python” is Python3k. This is exposed by setting the PYTHON Makefile variable to the location of python2.x.

  • is now a tiny download because it no longer contains Qt and PyQt. These libraries are provided as a separate download.