git-cola v1.7.3

Usability, bells and whistles

  • git cola learned a few new sub commands:
git cola dag
git cola branch
git cola search
  • Return in the summary field jumps to the extended description.
  • Ctrl+Return is now a shortcut for ‘Commit’.
  • Better French translation for ‘Sign-off’.
  • The ‘Search’ widget now has a much simpler and streamlined user interface.
  • vim-style h,j,k,l navigation shortcuts were added to the DAG widget.
  • git dag no longer prompts for files when diffing commits if the text field contains paths.
  • General user interface and performance improvements.


  • The diff viewer no longer changes font size when holding Control while scrolling with the mouse wheel.
  • Files with a typechange (e.g. symlinks that become files, etc.) are now correctly identified as being modified.


  • The cola.controllers and cola.views packages were removed.