git-cola v1.8.4

Usability, bells and whistles

  • Brand new German translation thanks to Sven Claussner.
  • The “File” menu now provides a “New Repository…” menu action.
  • git dag now uses a dock-widget interface so that its widgets can be layed-out and arranged. Customizations are saved and restored the next time git dag is launched.
  • git dag now has a “Zoom Best Fit” button next alongside the “Zoom In” and “Zoom Out” buttons.
  • Ctrl+L now focuses the “Search” field in the git dag tool.
  • Right-clicking in the “diff” viewer now updates the cursor position before performing actions, which makes it much easier to click around and selectively stage sections. Previously, the current cursor position was used which meant that it required two clicks (left-click to update the position followed by right-click to get the context menu) for the desired section to be used. This is now a single right-click operation.
  • The Ctrl+D “Launch Diff Tool” action learned to automatically choose between git difftool and git mergetool. If the file is unmerged then we automatically launch git mergetool on the path, otherwise we use git difftool. We do this because git difftool is not intended to be used on unmerged paths. Automatically using git mergetool when appropriate is the most intuitive and muscle-memory-friendly thing to do.
  • You can now right-click on folders in your standard file browser and choose “Open With -> Git Cola” (Linux-only).


  • Python 2.6 on Mac OS X Snow Leopard does not provide a namedtuple at sys.version_info. We now avoid using that variable for better portability.

  • We now read the user’s Git configuration from ~/.config/git/config if that file is available, otherwise we use the traditional ~/.gitconfig path, just like Git itself.

  • Some edge cases were fixed when applying partial/selected diffs.

  • The diff viewer is now properly cleared when refreshing.