git-cola v1.9.0

Usability, bells and whistles

  • We now ship a full-featured interactive git rebase editor. The rebase todo file is edited using the git xbase script which is provided at $prefix/share/git-cola/bin/git-xbase. This script can be used standalone by setting the $GIT_SEQUENCE_EDITOR before running git rebase –interactive.

  • Fixup commit messages can now be loaded from the commit message editor.

  • Tool widgets can be locked in place by using the “Tools/Lock Layout” menu action.

  • You can now push to several remotes simultaneously by selecting multiple remotes in the “Push” dialog.

  • The grep tool learned to search using three different modes: basic regular expressions (default), extended regular expressions, and fixed strings.


  • git cola now depends on the argparse Python module. This module is part of the stdlib in Python 2.7 and must be installed separately when using Python 2.6 and below.


  • Support unicode in the output from fetch, push, and pull.