git-cola v2.2

Usability, bells and whistles

  • Double-click will now choose a commit in the “Select commit” dialog.

  • git cola has a feature that reads .git/MERGE_MSG and friends for the commit message when a merge is in-progress. Upon refresh, git cola will now detect when a merge has completed and reset the commit message back to its previous state. It is only reset if the editor contains a message that was read from the file and has not been manually edited by the user.

  • The commit message editor’s context menu now has a “Clear…” action for clearing the message across both the summary and description fields.

  • Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) translation updates.

  • The system theme’s icons are now used whereever possible.


  • The stash viewer now uses git show --no-ext-diff to avoid running user-configured diff tools.

  • git cola now uses the setsid() system call to ensure that the GIT_ASKPASS and SSH_ASKPASS helper programs are used when pushing changes using git. The askpass helpers will now be used even when git cola is launched from a terminal.

    The behavior without setsid() is that git cola can appear to hang while pushing changes. The hang happens when git prompts the user for a password using the terminal, but the user never sees the prompt. setsid() detaches the terminal, which ensures that the askpass helpers are used.

  • git dag’s file list tool was updated to properly handle unicode paths.

  • gnome-terminal is no longer used by default when cola.terminal is unset. It is broken, as was detailed in #456.

  • The interactive rebase feature was not always setting $GIT_EDITOR to the value of gui.editor, thus there could be instances where rebase will seem to not stop, or hang, when performing “reword” actions.

    We now set the $GIT_EDITOR environment variable when performing the “Continue”, “Skip”, and “Edit Todo” rebase actions so that the correct editor is used during the rebase.


  • git cola moved from a 3-part version number to a simpler 2-part “vX.Y” version number. Most of our releases tend to contain new features.