git-cola v2.4

Usability, bells and whistles

  • The user interface is now HiDPI-capable. git-cola now uses SVG icons, and its interface can be scaled by setting the GIT_COLA_SCALE environment variable.

  • git dag now supports the standard editor, difftool, and history hotkeys. It is now possible to invoke these actions from file widget’s context menu and through the standard hotkeys.

  • The Status tool also learned about the history hotkey. Additionally, the Alt-{j,k} aliases are also supported in the Status tool for consistency with the other tools where the non-Alt hotkeys are not available.

  • The File Browser tool now has better default column sizes, and remembers its window size and placement.

  • The File Browser now supports the refresh hotkey, and has better behavior when refreshing. The selection is now retained, and new and removed files are found when refreshing.

  • A new git-cola-completion.bash completion script is provided in the contrib/ directory. It must be used alongside Git’s completion script. Source it from your ~/.bashrc (or ~/.zshrc, etc) after sourcing the git-completion.bash script and you will have command-line completion support for the git cola and git dag sub-commands.

  • The “checkout” dialog now offers completion for remote branches and other git refs. This makes it easier to checkout remote branches in a detached head state. Additionally, the checkout dialog also offers completion for remote branches that have not yet been checked out, which makes it easier to create a local tracking branch by just completing for that potential name.

  • The “create branch” and “create tag” dialogs now save and restore their window settings.

  • The “status” widget can now be configured to use a bold font with a darker background for the header items.

  • The “status” widget now remembers its horizontol scrollbar position across updates. This is helpful when working on projects with long paths.