git-cola v2.7




  • git cola is now compatible with PyQt5, PyQt4, and Pyside. git cola previously supported PyQt4 only, but will now use whichever library is available. Users are not required to upgrade at this time, but PyQt5 support can be enabled anytime by making its python modules available.

    NOTE: We do not yet recommend using PyQt5 because there are known exit-on-segfault bugs in Qt5 that have not yet been addressed. git cola is sensitive to this bug and is known to crash on exit when using git dag or the interactive rebase feature on PyQt5.

    PyQt4 is stable and there are no known issues when using it so we recommend using it until the Qt5 bugs have been resolved.

  • git cola now depends on QtPy and includes a bundled copy of the qtpy library. If you are packaging git cola and would prefer to use qtpy from your distribution instead of the built-in version then use make NO_VENDOR_LIBS=1 when building git cola. This will prevent vendored libraries from being installed.