git-cola v1.4.0

This release focuses on a redesign of the git-cola user interface, a tags interface, and better integration of the cola classic tool. A flexible interface based on configurable docks is used to manage the various cola widgets.

Usability, bells and whistles

  • New GUI is flexible and user-configurable
  • Individual widgets can be detached and rearranged arbitrarily
  • Add an interface for creating tags
  • Provide a fallback SSH_ASKPASS implementation to prompt for SSH passwords on fetch/push/pull
  • The commit message editor displays the current row/column and warns when lines get too long
  • The cola classic tool displays upstream changes
  • git cola –classic launches cola classic in standalone mode
  • Provide more information in log messages


  • Inherit the window manager’s font settings
  • Miscellaneous PyQt4 bug fixes and workarounds


  • Removed all usage of Qt Designer .ui files
  • Simpler model/view architecture
  • Selection is now shared across tools
  • Centralized notifications are used to keep views in sync
  • The cola.git command class was made thread-safe
  • Less coupling between model and view actions
  • The status view was rewritten to use the MVC architecture
  • Added more documentation and tests